Leili McKinley founded The Identitype™ System.

Even while at the prestigious Parsons School of Design, Leili had a keen interest in anything related to self-awareness. She studied Jungian Psychology, Semiotics and Religion. She began to see interconnections between many systems whether it was Maslow’s Pyramid and Tarot or Ancient Vedic Texts and Psychology. They interwove themselves into a pattern for storytelling. For her, this first expressed itself through her art. Later it began to form the basis of an innovative method of branding, The Identitype System.

She graduated with Highest Honors and an Award from The Colbert Foundation. After a few years in the fashion and textile industry, she rebelled. She was disgusted by a lack of integrity she felt had corrupted the industry. She started her own firm. There were many bumps along the way and a demanding learning curve that seemed to go straight up. She persevered. In the end, she was honored by the Small Business Administration, featured in an industry magazine, won several design awards and her designs were internationally licensed. She sold her company, while on top, with the idea of doing something else.

Something else turned out to be the same thing with a different twist. Only this time she crashed and burned. She had a business partner and the backing of a Venture Capital firm. She failed to do the one thing she knew – tell the right story to the right audience. It had to be a story she believed in and she knew wanted to be heard. She started out in the right place, driving early profits. But a series of pressures changed the original idea and she went after a mismatched market. The misalignment had drastic results.

The time for some deep soul searching had begun. It was the first step in a rebirth. She went back to her strongest talent, her creativity and her leaned into her faith in self-awareness. She cleansed herself of everything else.

Slowly a branding methodology began to emerge. It held the wisdom of both success and failure. Her passion for psychology, semiotics, eastern philosophy, Joseph Campbell, and more synthesized and integrated into the knowledge of 20 years of business strategy and marketing. The methodology formed to reveal insights and lessons on the alignment of our spiritual selves and our work. It actualizes your authentic self through your business. She delved deeper and added the study of gamification, layering in the cutting edge of product psychology.

Her system was recently tested by several clients. She got the proof of concept she wanted. Her clients reported great success. “My production (sales) has increased 5-10% a week, week over week for the last 4 weeks since I finished my branding with you” Jerry DalCanton.

She has now decided to share the Identitype Branding Questionnaire online. Anyone who struggles with questions about their personal, professional or business brand can take the test now.

“Finding happiness to me is finding one’s true purpose. It’s not through just following one voice while ignoring others, but integrating the many voices we have inside. Our power is in our mix of intelligences. When we align them, we empower our authentic self on our Journey To Greatness.” – Leili McKinley

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