About the Author & Creator of the Identitype System

Leili McKinley 

"My journey has led me to investigate leadership and what makes a truly great leader because no matter what we are doing, we need to be leading in it. This world needs us, needs our gifts and our wisdoms. All of us have something to give. We need to be the leaders we were born to be. True leaders are deliberate in their leadership. They are agents of change. They hold themselves accountable. They deliver integrity. Great leaders are leaders who have added one more thing: consistency." – Leili McKinley

To entrepreneur Leili McKinley, true happiness comes by finding authentic purpose in the world. Even through years of award-winning experience building her own two companies, she has never abandoned her passion for also helping others discover their own path to greatness. Melding her enthusiasm for self-awareness and her business savvy, she empowers others to build highly personal, niche-dominating brands.

Leili’s journey began at the prestigious Parsons School of Design. There she focused on understanding the connection between art and the human psyche. She dove into Jungian psychology, semiotics, and a range of religious traditions— and in each she discovered interconnectedness between individuals’ passions and their true reason for existence. These discoveries laid the foundation for a new form of branding and self-identification called the Identitype System.

In 1998, Leili’s second company raised a million in venture capital, allowing to her pioneer an innovative business-to-business e-commerce site. This site generated significant profits early on, reflecting the success of Leili’s hard work on the company’s brand design.

Despite her immense business success, McKinley realized that focusing on just one business was not her true calling. She took a step back and decided to use what she’d learned from both her successes and failures to help others find their true branding paths. Her expertise in branding architecture has sparked interest from business giants like CNN.com, Conversational Marketing, the Small Business Administration, Colbert Foundation, and the Maui Chamber of Commerce.

Through alignment of spirit and self, personality profiling, and product psychology, Leili facilitates her clients’ experiences of discovering their authentic selves and using those unique talents in the marketplace. Leili's client base includes CEOs, entrepreneurs, and transformational leaders who are committed to effective branding that maximizes profits and positively impacts the world.

Jerry DalCanton said, “My production (sales) has increased 5-10% a week, week over week for the last 4 weeks since I finished my branding with you”. After testing her concept with several clients, her theory was proven. Leili’s clients achieved much success with the Identitype System.

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